Hello world!

In my youth I was quite interested in self-development methods and systems,  and surveyed quite a few of these.  There were a lot of them around especially in California where I lived in the 1960s.

Among these was of course Scientology, which appeared to be taking the world by storm at the time.  I kept running into people who had experienced some of it and described fascinating results,  so I looked into it myself.   I found a lot of interesting and worthwhile items in Scientology,  but eventually balked at the apparent requirements of “joining a church” and all that,  never having been much of a joiner and not having a high opinion of organized religion in the first place,  at least for myself.

Now,  decades down the road,  my reluctance appears justified,  seeing the trvesty that the Church of Scientology has become,  I am glad I did not get involved in that.

The various blogs and sites that expose “scientology” are fascinating,  but it seems to me that most of them miss the point.  They go on and on about how scientology was oversold,  hyped and over-promoted by its creator,  how it doesn’t deliver what he claimed etc etc.

So we are nowadays all well aware of what scientology does NOT deliver,  and much is made of that.

But it seems to me that what is overlooked is an actual study of what the actual lndividual subjective effects of using the auditing and training methods,  are.

If scientology does not deliver what Hubbard claimed,  what does it actually deliver?

There are a wealth of opinions about this,  ranging from the very positive to the very negative,  with each side claiming to speak the absolute truth about what really happens.  It often seems all too similar to the political campaigns we are subjected to all too much in pre-election seasons.  Authorities popping out of the woodwork to tell us what is really real in the world and who,  therefore,  we must vote for.

I see all this and I can’t help but think,  What is wrong with people???